There are many reasons to paint the exterior of a home. Maybe the colors have faded or chipped over time and need to be touched up. It’s also common for someone to buy a home and realize that they do not like the colors as much as the original owner did. Regardless of the reason for wanting to paint siding, there are some things to know about doing so.

What type of siding is it?

It is easier to paint certain types of siding over others:

  • Wood siding can be painted, but the process is a very long and involved one. The old paint will need to be physically sanded, and the wood prepped for the new coat of paint. This can be an expensive project.
  • Vinyl siding can be painted, but it is not optimal. Vinyl comes in an original color when it is installed and simply painting over it often leads to poor results. Some new paints are able to make painting vinyl a bit easier though.
  • Fiber cement siding can be repainted repeatedly but does not need it. High-quality brands of fiber cement, like James Hardie’s HardiePlank, come with the option of having paint factory applied. It can also be applied on site. Fiber cement takes paint well and looks attractive.

How often should you paint siding?

Considering there are differences in various types of siding, the need for a siding type to be painted is also quite different. Wood siding can be a major hassle because it needs to be constantly re-sanded and painted or stained. It is recommended for wood siding to be repainted every five years. The homeowner may love the look of wood, but for those planning to own their home long term, this can quickly become a major annoyance and expense. Vinyl siding gets grimy and dirty after a few years, so some recommend painting it every 10 – 15 years. Painted vinyl can take on a cheap look when compared to other siding types, but it may at least improve the appearance some. Fiber cement siding is really the sweet spot for siding types. It has a high-quality look, which gives it the benefit of wood over cheaper looking vinyl sidings. Plus, it has a fraction of the maintenance costs associated with wood! Rather than constant sanding and painting, two or three times per decade, the fiber cement holds its paint for an unprecedented 15 years.

Robert Gordon Services installs and paints fiber cement siding

For those in the Triangle area, especially Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Morrisville, Robert Gordon Services is an expert installer and painter of fiber cement. The brand we prefer, which is also America’s favorite brand, is James Hardie. James Hardie’s HardiePlank is a fiber cement siding that will last many decades, has very low maintenance on things like painting and is very visually appealing. Call Robert Gordon Services at 919-250-8038 to discuss installing or painting your fiber cement siding.