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Don’t have the budget to remodel your home’s interior and exterior? The old saying holds true: a new coat of paint truly can quickly and affordably transform the look of your home. Having a professional painting service apply high-quality paint to an exterior can dramatically improve a home’s curb appeal, catching the eyes of neighbors and (if you are trying to sell) prospective buyers. Inside a house, having rooms painted is a great way to bring your home more aligned with your tastes, and the styles of the time. Robert Gordon Services are local painting experts who are proudly serving the Triangle area of North Carolina for both interior and exterior painting work.

Robert Gordon Services exclusively uses Sherwin Williams paint

Only the best paint and painting supplies are good enough for our customers. With years of experience in the industry, Robert Gordon Services is exceptionally knowledgeable about the pros and cons of many paint companies and their various products.

If they’ve put out a product, we’ve tested it for quality, performance, and durability. With this expansive knowledge, we are confident that Sherwin Williams is the best option on the market for a home’s exterior painting needs. They have a beautiful selection of colors that are ever expanding that is then mixed into genuinely top-quality paints.

Interior and exterior painting services

Robert Gordon Services has a highly-professional, experienced, well-trained staff of painters who have wide-ranging expertise. We can achieve home painting jobs of various sizes and types efficiently, and with stunning results.

Moving into a new home often inspires the new owners to put their personal touch to the space. Maybe the past residents thought that bright color looked great in the living room, but it is not as appreciated by those who moved in. Those selling a home are also often in need of whole-house painting help. Robert Gordon Services can color match any color to make those touch-ups that help prepare a home for market.

The exterior of a home is the first impression. The passing of time and the effects of weather can make even the best paint job on the most beautiful home fade and chip though. We can repaint a home in the original color to freshen up its current look or give it a makeover with an entirely new color.

Robert Gordon Services serves Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Cary and the Triangle

For painting jobs great or small in the Triangle area, call (919) 250-8038, and we’ll gladly provide a free estimate on your project.

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