The siding on a home is the first thing a person will notice. Cheap, unstylish or damaged siding can send a negative message to those passing by. Here in the Raleigh Durham area, we experience strong storms that will often send branches and debris flying.

Siding may be impacted and damaged by a falling limb during a storm, but even neighborhood kids playing baseball can cause dents and cracks. This leaves you with the question of whether to repair or replace your home’s siding.

When repairing is the right answer

Some siding types, like HardiePlank fiber cement, are versatile enough to be used in multiple repair jobs. Those with wood siding will often repair their siding by replacing their rotten or damaged boards with HardiePlank. Because the style is made to mimic wood, it will match the original siding if painted the same color.

It can be an investment to replace the siding on the entire home, so if the damage is limited to a few pieces, and the rest is relatively new and strong, it may be beneficial to simply replace those select boards. Vinyl, aluminum, and wood sidings are all more easily damaged than fiber cement so will likely need to be repaired more often.

When to replace siding

There are times, however, when a homeowner’s wisest option is to simply replace all the siding on the exterior. Putting this off in an attempt to save money can cost money if the damage is done to the exposed structure underneath.

Different types of siding have different lifespans, so when judging whether it’s time to replace, consider how much more life the siding has left in it. Doing an expensive repair job on the siding that will need to be replaced in a couple of short years is not a good investment. Also, consider the extent of the damage.

If a large portion of the home’s exterior was affected, it could mean the most cost-effective decision would be to replace everything with something less likely to be damaged again in the future, like HardiePlank.

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It can be a frustrating and unsettling experience when the exterior of your home is damaged, but it’s possible to also see it as an opportunity to upgrade your siding. Switching to HardiePlank will make your home more resilient, since it’s made of cement, allowing it to avoid rotting, mold, insects, denting and other effects felt by weaker materials.

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