Weather The Storm Behind Top-Tier Siding For Homes:

How Hardie Plank® Siding Stands Up Against Harsh Elements

In the quest to create beautiful yet resilient siding for homes, homeowners in North Carolina’s changing climates face unique challenges. From the torrential summer thunderstorms in Raleigh to the icy grips of winter in Durham, ensuring the enduring beauty and integrity of your home’s exterior is paramount. For those in Cary and surrounding areas looking to upgrade their siding for homes, Hardie Plank® siding emerges as a hero in the battle against harsh elements.


The Fortress of Fiber Cement: A Glimpse Into Hardie Plank® Siding

Hardie Plank® Siding, an engineered fiber cement composite, is a modern marvel for siding for homes intended to protect your house with elegance and fortress-like durability. Its unique composition—a blend of wood pulp, sand, and cement—provides a stalwart barrier against extreme weather, such as wind, hail, and fluctuating temperatures.

Features of Hardie Plank® Siding:

  • Appearance: These are traditional and timeless options with classic beauty, suitable for all kinds of home designs. This siding for homes is a blend of modern flair and historical architecture.
  • Design Options: Hardie Plank® Siding offers a wide range of design choices, including Select CedarmillÓ, Smooth, Beaded Smooth, and more, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer a rustic charm or a sleek, contemporary look, our siding has the perfect design for your home.
  • Customization: A variety of colors and textures to match any architectural style guarantee a perfect fit with your project. The range of customization options, from subtle, earthy tones to bold, vibrant hues, allows for personal expression and creativity.
  • Durability: Hardie Plank® Siding is a testament to longevity, with unparalleled resistance to warping or rotting over time. It ensures decades of reliable performance with minimal upkeep. Designed to brave the harshest weather, this type of siding for homes keeps your home both beautiful and secure.
  • Eco-Friendly: Their natural, sustainable materials make Hardie Plank® siding for homes part of a healthier environment, with no compromise on exceptional quality. By selecting eco-friendly options, you support sustainable practices and minimize your carbon footprint.


Not just a sustainable and visually appealing solution, Hardie Plank® siding offers sturdy options for homeowners looking for long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions for their homes. This standout product promises superior design options, customizable features, and high durability. Hardie Plank® siding ensures that the investment in the future of your home is ensured in terms of protection and beauty, irrespective of weather challenges.


The Showdown: Hardie Plank® vs. Traditional Siding For Homes

When it comes to longevity, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, Hardie Plank® siding outshines its counterparts.

Comparison between Vinyl Siding and Hardie Plank® Siding:

  • Lifespan: Hardie Plank® promises a longer lifespan with lower chances of needing replacement due to its robust nature.
  • Maintenance: Vinyl may require less maintenance initially, but Hardie Plank® ultimately proves superior with its enduring finish and lower long-term upkeep.
  • Cost: Hardie Plank® may present a higher upfront investment, but its durability and potential to enhance home value offer incredible returns.

While the initial costs may be higher than those of vinyl siding, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the expense. With its remarkable durability, low maintenance requirements, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, Hardie Plank® siding guarantees beautiful and protected siding for homes for years to come.


Mastery in Installation: Partnering with the Right Contractor

For Raleigh-Durham homeowners, installing Hardie Plank® siding for homes is not for the faint of heart. It requires precision techniques and special knowledge of best practices to ensure the greatest performance and look.

Benefits of working with a professional like Robert Gordon Services for Hardie Plank® Siding for homes installation:

  • Use of proper safety measures and equipment
  • Warranty-backed workmanship
  • Expert knowledge in fitting and finish

Having Hardie Plank® siding installed by professional contractors, such as Robert Gordon Services, has many benefits. Professional installers have specialized knowledge and precision techniques to bring both performance and aesthetics to the highest quality so that your house looks great and has that personal touch to suit your design preferences. Professional installation ensures work with the backup of warranties on the workmanship performed and adherence to safety measures for a worry-free, low-maintenance, and durable exterior that enhances the value and appeal of their home for years to come.


The Overall Benefits of Hardie Plank® Siding For Homes

Deciding to clad your home with Hardie Plank® has so many benefits to resist the weather, improve your curb appeal, and keep your home safe, including:

  • Greater Curb Appeal: Hardie Plank® offers an extensive range of styles and colors so you can customize your house’s exterior according to your taste, reflecting you and making it different in the community.
  • Improved Weather Resistance: Hardie Plank® siding for homes is designed to withstand strong weather—be it excessive rain, strong winds, or hail. Your home is hence secure from the elements at any time.
  • Increased Home Value: With high-quality siding materials such as Hardie Plank®, even if you are considering resale, your investment would be worth it.
  • Years of Maintenance-Free Enjoyment: Hardie Plank® siding is so durable that it requires infrequent maintenance. Unlike wood siding, there won’t be any rotting, warping, or being susceptible to pests, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and worry-free exterior for many years.


Hardie Plank® siding is designed to defend your home against the harshest weather elements, ensuring that your home is safe and elegant under any circumstances. Its superior engineering allows it to stand up to even the heaviest rains and harshest UV rays, which reduces potential damage and, in turn, leads to improved performance over the long term.

These low-maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability make it easy to enjoy your beautiful, worry-free façade for years to come. An investment in Hardie Plank® siding is not just for aesthetics and the home’s structure; it is an investment in a long-term solution for unmatched protection and value in siding for homes.


Fortify and Beautify: The Final Verdict on Hardie Plank® Siding For Homes

Homes in North Carolina’s evolving climate deserve the robust protection and timeless beauty that Hardie Plank® provides. Not only does it act as the strong armor against Mother Nature’s whims, but it also offers an aesthetic upgrade that complements the essence of your living space.

Robert Gordon Services stands ready to empower Raleigh, Durham, and Cary North Carolina homeowners with professional installation services that leave nothing to chance. By choosing Hardie Plank® siding, you’re securing not just a home, but a legacy that can withstand the test of time and weather.

Are you ready to protect and perfect your home? Contact Robert Gordon Services for a free estimate and to discuss the hues and styles that will make your home stand an elegant fortress amidst the storm.