As you drive around the greater Triangle area of North Carolina, the overwhelming majority of homes you come across will have horizontal-styled siding. Just because most homes have this style though does not mean it is the right style for you. Many others are now deciding to have vertical siding installed instead. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each can help make this decision easier.

Why vertical siding is growing in popularity

It’s true that the vertical siding style is still much less common, but it is becoming a popular alternative. The main reason people opt for it over the traditional horizontal siding is that it gives a unique, stylish look. It was very common in Europe and also in barns, so it can project a rural, laid-back and even imported image.

  • Besides the style, vertical siding also can provide a few other benefits:
  • Vertical siding is easier to clean than horizontal siding
  • There are fewer issues with water seeping in behind the siding with vertical siding because rain is guided immediately down the panel
  • Vertical siding gives the house the appearance of being taller, similar to how pinstripes may elongate a person’s profile

Reasons to stay with horizontal siding

  • Despite these positives for the vertical style, traditional horizontal style siding has a lot of advantages too.
  • Horizontal siding costs less because with vertical there are more steps involved in installation, like putting furring strips on the walls before placing the panels
  • HOAs (homeowners’ associations) may have restrictive covenants regarding siding styles, seeking uniformity. Since vertical siding is much less common, it would be more often restricted by HOAs
  • Horizontal style is a tried-and-true look that will not go out of style if people begin to move away from vertical again

Good news: both styles can be had in fiber cement

James Hardie, the top brand of fiber cement siding, makes both horizontal and vertical sidings. Their horizontal siding, HardiePlank, is America’s number one brand overall. The vertical siding style, HardiePanel, is similar to the main difference of being designed for vertical installation.

Both are available with great color options and warranties. The product lasts decades and has a high-quality look without the upkeep of wood. Both horizontal and vertical are great options and come down to a style preference when considering the James Hardie products. Robert Gordon Services installs both styles of James Hardie, both HardiePlank, and HardiePanel. Those living in and around Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville and the Triangle can call 919-250-8038 today to get a free estimate.