There are many materials you can use as siding for a home or building. Frequently people reference “HardiePlank” as one such option. If you just hear this term in passing, you may not be aware of what exactly it is though.

Why the name?

Hearing this term, people often assume it is “hearty” plank, meaning that is strong and durable. While it is these things, it is actually named after the founder of the company that produces it, James Hardie.

What is it made out of?

HardiePlank is made from fiber cement, which is an increasingly popular material to use as siding. James Hardie was the first to use this material as a siding and continues to be the best-selling brand.

What are the advantages of fiber cement?

There are many benefits of using this material over others. Fiber cement does not mold or take in moisture. It is very strong like hardwood, but insects and other pests are not attracted to it. Compared to vinyl and aluminum, fiber cement like HardiePlank is much stronger and less likely to see the damage.

What is the appearance of HardiePlank?

James Hardie has spent years fine-tuning not only the performance of their HardiePlank product but also its appearance. It is a very versatile material, and they have been successful in mimicking the looks of other materials, like wood shake and lap boards. HardiePlank’s quality look and finish are regularly complimented in the industry.

Is HardiePlank a common siding?

HardiePlank is the single most popular type of siding in the United States. Over five and a half million homes and growing have it installed. With all the potential materials on the market to be used, the fact that contractors and home designers turn to HardiePlank more than anything else speaks volumes.

Do you have to paint HardiePlank?

You can, but you don’t have to. There are two ways of coloring the fiber cement siding. James Hardie offers a factory finish in a wide variety of colors. If you take this option, there is no painting to do, and the siding can be simply installed. The other option is for them to have the siding primed and then to have it painted on site. HardiePlank is very attractive either way.

Who installs HardiePlank in the Triangle?

We do! For those living in and around Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Morrisville, Robert Gordon Services can install HardiePlank on your property. We are an “elite preferred remodeler” with the James Hardie Company and are fully trained and certified to install the product professionally. Call (919) 250-8038 and let us get started providing you with a James Hardie HardiePlank sided home.